CIOTEK Ltd - Enviromental Policy

The management of CIOTEK Limited recognise their responsibility to the environment and publish this policy to show their commitment to the protection of the environment. It is the aim of CIOTEK Limited to provide its customers with a safe and environmentally friendly centre. We will carry out all of our company's activities and objectives in an environmentally responsible manner. We have recognised that through our activities we inevitably impact on the environment. We consider that our main causes of concern arise from the use of energy, consumption of consumables and waste production. To address these impacts we have developed the following policies.

Recycling Waste

CIOTEK Limited will comply with all relevant current environmental legislation. It is the policy of CIOTEK Limited to ensure that all personnel involved in the organisation's operations are fully aware of the company's environmental policy. All employees will have appropriate training: the managers will ensure that each employee understands the environmental aspects and controls of his/her responsibilities.

The policy will be published on our website and promoted to our customers by electronic means, where appropriate.

The nominated person responsible for ensuring the environmental policy at CIOTEK Limited is adhered to is Mr Christopher James.