Independent External Evaluation

Over the past 10 years CIOTEK have developed a strong track record of delivering independent external evaluations of ERDF and ESF funded projects. We take a practical and systematic approach to evaluation that establishes the connections across a structured delivery model and presents results which assist in understand the process from input and activity to ultimate impact.

Value for Money

We provide excellent value for money in all projects we deliver. These are some of the ways which we ensure you get the most out of your money:

  • Prioritisation – we focus our efforts on collecting the information and data that is most relevant and appropriate to the project, to concentrate on areas generating the greatest impact.
  • Flexibility – we work on an iterative basis, from methodology, to questionnaire design, to the final report. We are not there to audit you, we are there to help you! We make sure all key management staff are engaged from inception, to ensure direct alignment of the evaluation with management requirements.
  • Sustainability – all evaluations we deliver focus on one ultimate question – how can the project be sustained post funding? This is the holy grail to funded projects, and can add real value to projects long term.
  • Engagement – we commit a large amount of effort in engaging with all the relevant individuals of the project to gain as much feedback as possible to ensure the final outputs are accurate and reflect the reality of the project.
  • Identification of best practice and lessons learned – we deliver this as a matter of course in all our evaluations. We ensure that the strengths of the project are emphasised and improvements are made clear, to inform ongoing operation of the project.

Why Choose Us?

  • Proven track record of undertaking evaluations on high value project
  • Provision of clear, effective and impactful recommendations for future operation
  • Evidenced ability to achieve quality findings
  • Track record of delivering exceptional value for money

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