Marketing and Communications Support

Marketing is sometimes perceived as inexpensive and complicated with the variety of methods out there, but it doesn’t have to be. We can simplify this process for businesses by developing marketing strategies that reap the most return for the smallest cost.

Our marketing and communications support focused on the current strengths and capabilities of the business and the level of resource available to dedicate to such activities.  We have the expertise to develop promotional and marketing campaigns to suit any industry, sector and budget. From low cost, basic strategies for start ups, to elaborate bigger budget creative campaigns – CIOTEK are guaranteed to get you noticed and take your business to another level.

Our focus is very much on not what your business does, but what your business can do for the customer. Promoting the benefits of your product/service is key when creating a marketing campaign, and all too often, people get lost in the features – promoting elements which wont elicit an instant response from the target consumer. We work with you to make sure existing and prospective clients fully understand and appreciate the benefits of your offering – developing dynamic, attractive and creative campaigns to get you noticed and boost business.

Starting with the end in mind, our focus is on sustainability, growth and development. We offer practical and realistic recommendations that are achievable with the resource in place. This is followed up with a clear action plan with specific tasks, timescales and responsibilities, to ensure the plan can be used as a working document.

Why Choose Us?

  • Proven track record of undertaking more than 200 business plans for private and third sector
  • Provision of clear, effective and impactful recommendations for future operation
  • Focus on sustainability and growth with existing resource

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